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Missy has been racing on the roads since 1996.  By 1999, Missy had qualified for Olympic Marathon Trials, been signed to a national women’s racing team, been accepted into the USATF athlete development program, had received NC Runner of the year twice, had received the LifeScan International Athletic Achievement Award, and … had learned to live, train, and race with Type 1 diabetes.

In 2005, Missy broke into the ultra-running scene with a record performance in her ultra-running debut at the Umstead 50 miler.  In September 2007, Missy took second place at the US 50 Mile National Championships.

And, now that she has a significant part of her graduate school work behind her, she is focusing on ultra races and has begun training full-time again.

For links to some of Missy’s favorite running sites and to keep up with Missy’s progress, check out her Training bLog!


Missy wanted to share her favorite races with you.

Missy’s Top Ten Favorite Races

Honorable Mentions

And what would a Running Central section be without a top ten favorite runs?!

Missy’s Top Ten Favorite Runs

Missy Foy