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Hi all!  Okay, so here’s the deal.  I’m working on a big item for January- a review of products and services for active people with diabetes.  I have not finalized the categories yet and I’ll actually try to stay a bit flexible on that in case it turns out that there is something big that I totally missed.  But, the main categories right now are:  Medical devices (i.e. insulin pumps, meters, CBGMs, etc.), Nutrition products (carb products, bars, supplements, etc), Sport gear (clothing, shoes, fuel belts, etc.), Services (conferences, nutritional counseling, camps, etc.).  These don’t have to be specifically geared toward diabetes management.  Sport gear, for instance, might be a particular brand of shoes that work well to prevent injuries or seem to cause less blistering.  Or, sport gear could be a line of clothing that works well because it enables you to attach your insulin pump.  The medical devices category is pretty much specific to diabetes, though. 

So, here’s the deal.  Send me all your thoughts on products.  It can be short and sweet or you can include an explanation if you want.  Any products that I’m not familiar with I’ll try to test.  I’ve already been collecting suggestions for the past couple months and am trying to get some products tested that I was unfamiliar with.  Then, in January I’ll do a column (or several if it takes that) on products that can be useful to people with diabetes.  You can send an email by going to the homepage and going to contact and there’s an email hotbutton.  To protect against spammers I’ll put the email here but I’m adding spaces and typing the word for at:  questions at missyfoy.com. 

So far, I’ve gotten some great suggestions and I’m going to keep going with this!  It’s exciting how many people have really “thought outside the box” when it comes to managing their diabetes!  Even if you work for a company and think you’re product is valuable for people with diabetes, send me a plug for it!  I think the more information I can include in this review, the better.  I WILL include my personal opinion, too, on everything. 

Well, that’s the deal:  a product review the end of January.  So, get info to me asap and I’ll keep working on it from this end.

Happy Trails!


Nov 21st, 2008

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